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At AAEC we are committed to finding the best IT solutions for your business large or small saving you time and money. We focus on your IT infrastructure so that you can spend time efficiently building your business.

Large, Medium & Small IT Business Solutions

Here at AAEC we pride ourselves on providing World-class support, management and customer service.  This pride is what has enabled AAEC to maintain our position as one of the leading technology providers in our operating regions.  All of AAEC’s technical staff members are certified professionals in their fields, and will go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction.

An E-Rated Service Provider


AAEC is a privately owned business located in Pennington, New Jersey (just outside of Princeton). We also maintain a strong corporate presence in the Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. AAEC was founded in 1983 (as Pennington Information Management Corporation) to help companies make better business decisions and improve productivity. Since our founding, we have helped clients in both the private and government sectors meet a wide range of operating needs in a cost-effective manner.  Our goal is, and always has been, to make running your business easier.

In the late 1980s AAEC was heavily focused on custom application development, providing services to major corporations including the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Gulf Oil Corporation, to name a few.

During the 1990s as the Internet became more mainstream AAEC expanded our services and became an Internet Service Provider.  We provided dial-up Internet access, web hosting, document storage, and e-mail services for the local communities around our office.

Beginning in the mid-1990s AAEC expanded to include complete systems integration and networking into our service portfolio, becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, a certification that we maintain to this day.  More recently we have partnered with Google and Amazon to deliver Google Apps Enterprise and custom solutions as we move into a new era of cloud-based networking.


Diversity is a core element of AAEC’s ability to serve our clients well. It allows us to develop better ideas, foster teamwork, respond to the needs of our clients, and help our staff reach their full potential. It supports and strengthens our culture, creating an inclusive environment in which we strive to retain and engage diverse professionals.