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At AAEC we are committed to finding the best IT solutions for your business large or small, saving you time and money. We focus on your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on efficiently building your business.


Large Medium & Small IT Business Solutions

For clients that are looking for help with all technical aspects of their business, from one-time projects to dedicated round the clock support, we draw on the decades worth of technical and management experience from our staff to ensure we implement the right solutions to help your business grow and be successful. We recognize that your business deserves a customized goal-based approach and that is why our recommendations are vendor neutral and tailored to your specific business objectives.

Since being founded in 1986, AAEC has worked with many organizations, both private and public, across a variety of industries

Client list


Agridata - Software:Productivity Tools, (LPS‐867)*

Aureole Restaurants (CharliePalmer) - NYC IT Support, Point of Sale System

Bedensbrook Country Club, NJ - IT Support

PGA Tour - IT Support,Web Page consulting

PGA/TPC at Jasna Polana, Princeton - IT Support, Web Page Development & Hosting

Sports E-Media International IT Support

Versar Inc. IT Support


Booz-Allen & Hamilton - Energy Modeling, IT support

NYSE New York Stock Exchange - Mainframe - PC Integration Support

ICF Consulting Inc. - IT Outsourcing/ Software (Productivity Tools)

ICF Incorporated - IT Outsourcing/ Software (Productivity Tools)

ICF Technology - IT Outsourcing/ Software (Productivity Tools)


Columbia University - Education Software (LPS‐867)*

Johns Hopkins University - Education Software (LPS‐867)*

Princeton Theological Seminary - Education IT Audit/Consulting/Outsourcing

UC Berkeley, David Freedman, Ph.D - Education Statistics Publication Support/IT Support

Electric Utilities

Commonwealth Edison, Chicago - Modelling, IT support, Software(LPS‐867)*

Electric Utilities PacifiCorp - Consulting

Niagara Mowhawk - Consulting

Power Recovery Systems - IT Support/Outsourcing, Software(Productivity Tools)

Southern Company Services - Consulting

Tennessee Valley Authority - Electric Utilities Consulting


MIT - Consulting

Suncor, Inc. - Consulting

University of Pennsylvania - Consulting

ICF Kaiser Engineering - IT Outsourcing/Reorg/Software(Productivity Tools)

Lummus Crest, Inc. - Consulting

Bechtel Inc. - Consulting, Refinery Modeling, Software(LPS‐867)*



Amalgamated Bank, NYC - Financial IT Consulting

Bank of America - Financial Consulting

ENRON - Energy Modeling

Mayhall Investments - IT Support

Mellon Bank - IT Support

Paine Webber, Inc. - IT Support

Perseus, LLC - IT Support/Outsourcing, Software(Productivity Tools)

Princeton Investments Partners LLC - IT support

Solomon Associates - IT Support/Outsourcing


Branchburg Township, NJ Engineers - IT Support

District of Columbia Housing Authority - IT Consulting

New Zealand Dept. of Scientific and Independent Research - Software (LPS‐867)*

Norwegian Agricultural Institute - Software (LPS‐867)*

Nova Scotia Research Foundation - Software (LPS‐867)*

Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board - IT Support/Outsourcing, Software(Productivity Tools)

State of Michigan - Consulting

State of New Jersey - IT Consulting

U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Information, Modeling, & Forecasting

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - IT Consulting

U.S. Geological Survey - Consulting

U.S. Internal Revenue Service - IT Consulting


Cigna Group - Health Care IT Consulting

The Lewin Group - Audit/Consulting

Kennell and Associates, Inc. - IT Support

Advanced Medicine, Inc. - IT Support/Outsourcing

Annovis - IT Consulting

Cytorad Inc. - IT Consulting

DesignWrite, LLC - IT Audit/Outsourcing

Johnson & Johnson - IT Consulting

Quintiles - IT Audit/Consulting

TAKE Solutions Inc - Seminar presentation

Transcell Technologies, Inc - IT Support/Outsourcing

Honeywell, Inc - Consulting

Dow Chemical, USA - Software (LPS‐867)*

Aerospace Aerojet General Technical Systems Company - Software (CHERPS)**

Florida Gas Transmission Company - Software (LPS‐867)*

Degussa - Software (LPS‐867)*

Chevron Research - Software (LPS‐867)*

Conoco, Inc. - Software (LPS‐867) *

Gulf Oil Corp - Software (LPS‐867)*

Standard Oil Company of Ohio - Software (LPS‐867)*


Law Firm

Abrams, Westermeier & Golberg, P.C. - Consulting

Carpenter, Bennett & Morrissey - Consulting

Connel Foley, LLC - Consulting

Dunnels & Duvall - Consulting

Howrey & Simon - Consulting

Jamieson, Moore, Peskin & Spicer - Consulting

Lynch, Martin - Consulting

McDermott, Will & Emery - Consulting

Smith, Stratton, Wise, Heher & Brennan - Support/Outsourcing/Software(Productivity Tools)

Sterns & Weinroth Law Firm - Support/Outsourcing

Stevens & Lee - Consulting

Taylor, Newsome & Tinkham - IT Consulting


Procter & Gamble - Consulting

Whirlpool Corporation - Consulting


U.S. Air Force - Environmental Consulting

US Air Force, Vandenberg Base - Software (CHERPS**, ICF Contract)

Nonprofit/Labor Union

New Jersey Technology Council - Seminar presentation

Princeton Girl Choir - IT support

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation - IT Support/Outsourcing

Change That Works - Union IT Support

Change To Win - IT Support

SEIU California State Council - IT Support

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh & Harrisburg - IT Consulting, Office & Call Center Setup

SEIU Local VA512 Offices in AZ, TX, & VA - IT Office setup & support

SEIU Public Services CA locals- 221,521,721,1021 - IT Shared Services/Reorg/Consolidation(24 to 4)

SEIU Shared Services Organization - IT Consulting/Outsourcing

United Long Term Care Workers, LA - Call Center Operated by AAEC SEIU ULTCW

SEIU(Service Employees International Union) - Datacenter/ Cloud SaaS (Google Apps)/Outsourcing

Service Employees International Union various affiliates & locals -  IT Consulting, SaaS (email), Help Desk

Workers United Union, NYC - IT Consulting, SaaS Exchange

Real Estate/Construction

Standard Pacific Homes - IT Audit/Consulting/Reorg

Real Estate/Maintenance

Real Estate/Maint. IT Support‐ Audio Visual & Meeting Support Akridge


Wicks N’ Sticks - IT Audit/Outsourcing/eCommerce


AT&T Bell Labs - Software (LPS‐867)*

AT&T Communications - Software (LPS‐867)*

IBM - Software Development

Canadian National Railways - IT Consulting(LPS‐867)*

Railworks, Inc - IT Audit/Consulting/Reorg .

Volvo Cars of North America - IT Consulting


  *Software:Productivity Tools, LPS‐867,

**CHERPS(Computerized Hazmat Emergency Response Protocol System)

   Notes: Private Sector Customer if not specified.