Since 1983

Managed IT Services


AAEC was responsible for the successful design, installation and operation of the Information Technology infrastructure of a large enterprise headquarters office in Washington, D.C. The $90 million project involved the purchase of a ten story building (200,000sqft) that required a complete renovation, and migration in phases. AAEC planned and facilitated the transition of personnel (about 1,000) to the new site over a period of more than a year as space within the building was incrementally made available.

AAEC impemented the following:

The planning and building of a new, state-of-the-art server room was completed; linking each floor via fiber optic, copper, & WIFI uplinks.

  • Migrated the on-site production systems to an AT&T data-centre linked to the new facility
  • Built a new telecommunications system connecting to regional offices
  • Installed a new telephone system
  • Installed wire & wireless network
  • Installed a new email system
  • Installed a security  system
  • Installed state of the art audio/visual and video conferencing system
  • Built a commercial- size copy centre, and training room


(All of the above was implemented with minimal downtime for staff!)

This project has, and will continue, to allow the building to stay current with new technologies without having to invest further in building infrastructure, saving the owner an incredible amount of capital in the long term.  Recently the facility was re-settled so as to increase lease space, securely to tenants. See “ Washington DC Buildings” diagram.