Since 1983

Managed IT Services

 Mr. T. Michael Kerr

Former Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer at SEIU

(202) 829-0424

(202) 693-4042


Mr. Terrance Bilbo

Current Chief Administrative Officer

Grant Thornton LLP

Former Corp Vice President, CSC

(Computer Sciences Corp.)

(703) 637 4170

(703) 342 8235 (c)


Mr. William C. Stitt

Former Professor Babson College

Former Director, Center for Technological Entrepreneurship,

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Former President and CEO

ICF Kaiser Engineers

(781) 239-4591


Mr. Richard J. Pinto

Chair, Venture Technology and Entreprencurial Services Practices

Stevens & Lee

Senior Managing Director

Griffin Financial Group, LLC

Member FINRA and SIPC

(609) 462-9102

Mr. Kenneth A. Schweers

Former President & CEO, Skybuilt Power, Inc.

Former Chief Operating Officer

Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)

Former CEO, ICF Resources

(703) 534-9249

(703-930-7219 (c)


Mr. Ken Campbell

Former COO, Standard Pacific Homes

Former COO, ClearCross

Former COO, Rappahannock Investments

Former COO, Railworks

(917) 822-5618